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Death Note, the most amazing and brilliant anime series that I’ve watched. The story, the characters, the plot of each scene is really good. L and Kira are really the best characters of all time. They are a genius, wise and good looking. I think you should watch this movie if you haven’t watched this yet!


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Death Note is a manga created by Tsugumi Ōba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, later taken to the anime. The series focuses on Light Yagami, an outstanding Japanese student, who finds  a supernatural notebook called Death Note, which is capable of killing people by just spelling their names on it and having seen their face. The manga was published by the weekly magazine Shōnen Jump between December 2003 and May 2006. A total of 108 chapters were published, making a total of 12 volumes. The anime was broadcast in Japan between October 3, 2006 and June 26, 2007 on the NTV television channel, broadcasting a total of 37 episodes.

For the moment, The series has adapted to three films (see Death Note (film)) live action and to a novel written by Nishio Ishin published 1 of August of 2006, that deepens the plot shown in the manga. The series has been a great success both in Japan and abroad, obtaining the prize Le Pégase in the twenty-fifth version of the Festival of Fantastic Cinema of Brussels.


Light Yagami is a seemingly normal student, but his inner self is a brilliant sociopath, sadistic and megalomaniac who hates the crime and evil that exists in the world, and dreams of a utopian environment free of such scourges. His life changes radically when he finds on the floor a mysterious notebook whose cover reads DEATH NOTE. Within the notebook, there are instructions on its use, Where he emphasizes the fact of being able to kill a person (as long as you know the face of it) of a heart attack 40 seconds after writing the name of that person in the Death Note. The light remains skeptical of the authenticity of the notebook, but after proving it twice, he realizes that his power is real. After a few days, he is visited by a shinigami named Ryuk. Shinigami are beings of another dimension who use the Death Note to kill people and thus prolong their own existence. Ryuk explains to Light that the Death Note he encountered belongs to him, but when he goes astray, he automatically becomes the possession of the person who finds it, until the latter dies. In turn, Light tells Ryuk that his goal is to kill the criminals, To cleanse the world of evil and become the god of a new world, free of crime.

Soon, the many unexplained deaths attract the attention of the police, who asks for help to a mysterious detective world known as L. L realizes that Kira (nickname with which the killer is known) can kill people with only Know his name and his face. Both begin a fight of wit and cunning, facing a series of situations, always in order to discover the identity of the other and to demonstrate who is justice.


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    Me ha dicho que es muy bueno, pero aun no me animo a verla, hay algo que no me llama la atención!!

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    Death Note is the best

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