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    Signal integrity is becoming an increasingly important element in circuit and PCB design. When the frequency used in digital circuits rises, even relatively short connections act as transmission lines, and they affect the integrity of the transmitted signal. A signal that may be considered a pure digital signal is considered to be an effect modification applied to the analog domain. These effects can cause the circuit to fail, so signal integrity is now a major issue in any circuit design.

    Given the importance of signal integrity in any high-speed processor design today, it is necessary to combine design simulation and inspection in the PCB design and layout process. Circuit boards effectively require signal integrity engineering. If it is not done during the design process, once you have built a complete board, there is nothing you can do. With this in mind, the top-level printed circuit board design package includes signal integrity engineering and inspection software that will enable inspections to be performed during the design process. In this way, the PCB layout can be optimized to ensure that the signal integrity is properly designed and that problems that occur once the completed PCB can be used for its testing will be minimized.
    Signal integrity problem

    Four major aspects of circuit design and layout must be considered to ensure signal integrity of the board or circuit design is maintained:

    Transmission line effect
    Impedance matching
    Synchronous switching effect
    Cross talk

    To ensure signal integrity, all issues must be resolved to ensure that the signal is not distorted and corrupted in any way. In this way, the system can operate satisfactorily at the required speed.

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