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    I am so glad I discovered your channel, few days ago. Already watched a whole bunch of your reviews. I can not say what it is about how you do your articles exactly, but I’m so very entertained. I guess in part, its just how you talk, and look, and everything you say (the suit and the haircut, additionally adds additional charm). I never been as entertained with gaming testimonials, before. It’s however clear, what you’re having a great deal of pleasure, which does I’m sure contribute to overall quality of your work. Thank you ! I’m looking forward to blades too. But only because I want to play it on my oculus rift. Can′t wait to step into a different Elder Scrolls world”for real”. There is no greater thing, when it comes to The Elder Scrolls Blades- Experiences of a buff, than visiting the worlds of Oblivion and Skyrim, that I know so well getting living in VR. I′ve spent hours walking through imperial city overwhelmed by the feeling to really be”in there”, looking at things, buildings and people, that are ultimately standing in front of you, from different angles. About the time to”truly step into” the world of The Elder Scrolls Blades.

    From the east mobile gaming is much more widespread then PC and console, I believe it’s more that mobiles are now more competent then ever and games that are ESOM Gold quality could be made to be played on mobile which consequently creates a bigger and broader audience being able to play from mobile to computer, this naturally creates more cash for said companies and only makes the market more accessible to those who can not afford quite expensive PC set ups.

    TBH, I’m looking forward to it also… either they’ll do a great (or passable) job (As an ES fan, I’d probably take a fair product at least till I get bored of the grind once the problem becomes slanted toward an excessive amount of monetization)… OR it’s terrible and we can laugh in The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold for not cleaning up their act after Fallout 76. It’ll be open season on all additional Bethesda products if the following two matches they send are awful. The Bethesda community is more pliable, but most of us are clever enough to know when we have been scammed.

    Say bye.including everything to me
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