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    I performed over 939+ Hrs of The Section. This game, however, I am being very cautious because this seems like a”been there, done this” game even though the location differs. Maybe I’m just burnt out on looter shooters, but I do not trust Massive so far as I can throw them (and that I should not throw people with my bad knee!) . This is certainly NOT a day you buy. It is a wait-for-a-few-months and see the way the match is received by both fans and critics and how much there really is to perform both in-game and end game. This goes for the sport as a whole, not just as this is a cineamatic narrative trailer, either…

    You do understand every game is similar to that? Have one soul goal and keep doing it over and over. Like, for instance, fortnite, same thing every match, you kill, you loot and some are won by you or lose some games. The Division get struggle people and better loot in the DZ over and over again. You only need to find the perfect match for you to continue this rinse cycle and if you do not enjoy doing things over and over again then sorry bud but video games may not be meant for you.

    Why is there no story about why these”factions” exists? What are they fighting for? It is just as much their nation as ours, it’s not like that is an invasion or takes over from other countries were fighting to keep our home. This is a really lazy story, and why wasn’t the virus a larger deal in the game? Division 2 Boosting brought civilization to its knees and yet it’s not even a thing. . There is so much potential here but have been stuck in this linear view of the world with no decision. Yeah killing folks is quite bad and I am sure theirs those who only want to kill and loot to endure, but do not show me a fighting force that is merely trying to survive like us with no motive.

    Having a helicopter overhead and cnn television camera breaking down your door at 6 in the afternoon to guard your guns,and politians allowing physicians to kill babies after there created which is murder without fear of fees and jail,do you want 90% taxation and do you women want to get paid or do you want to cover 3/4 of it in tax and not able to cover child care or on such a long goverment waiting list for child and health care which you don’t ever get it? This is exactly what I think would occur if the democrats get into electricity based on what the runners for 2020 presidency say..the branch 2 are the end result of this and thats a fact not fiction.

    Really like the Division story. Love the game. Playing because alphaday1. But one thing I cannot grasp is what happened to our military? In circumstances such as this, I think there would be American soldiers on the ground restoring order before relying upon a ragtag group of homeland brokers with cool toys. There hasn’t been a mention I’ve come across. Part of me cannot bridge The Division 2 into The Division 2 without addressing why things are so bad with no military being part of the restoration. There is countless soldiers in our military. I hope The Division 2 sheds some light on that.

    This trailer is past underwhelming. Gone is the game’s stark unforgiving and hopelessness atmosphere. Those chilly NYC at a snowstorm, together with rogue agent hunting in DZ 9 for one. Will we find out exactly what Rick Valasi is up to? Will I get to elongate Keeners hanging him with piano wire, while skiping rope along with his entrails? Definitely before I sink some money into 15, waiting for participant reviews of this one.

    Nothing really special about The Division 2 Credits trailer: Important city now a wasteland, Different factions struggle for control, Story appears straight forward and predictable, images has not changed in the slightest and most of this trailer only shows cinematic gameplay instead of cutscenes that the first game was extremely lacking when they desired to tell a story.

    Say bye.including everything to me
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